How can we improve Dark circles, wrinkles & Puffiness under the eyes?

Under-Eyes dark circles are a common complaint in the field of Cosmetology. Several factors can result in dark circles under the eyes.  Other patient concerns that need to be addresses include the treatment & prevention of wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness in the eye contour area.

Causes of Dark Circles:

  • Loss of collagen & thinning of the skin may allow the blue color of the blood vessels beneath to-be-seen as dark areas.
  • Enlarged blood vessels beneath the skin may also give a dark appearance.
  • A pigment from broken blood vessels called hemosiderin may cause such dark areas.
  • Increased skin pigmentation may also cause these circles.
  • Hollow areas or wrinkles may cause shadows that appear darker.

How can we treat dark circles under the eyes?

To get rid of the dark circles we need to treat the cause of the problem; so we need to improve the skin texture and rebuild the collagen, improve the circulation to remove the deposited pigments, treat abnormally dilated vessels, improve hollow areas and wrinkles, if these are contributing to the problem.

Fortunately, there are modern creams that can help treat the dark circles & rejuvenate the area around the eyes.

At-home treatments

  • Cold compress particularly using green tea bags can help reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels.
  • Get enough sleep can help improve the circulation & rebuild the collagen.
  • Elevate your head while sleeping if there is additional puffiness.


For creams to be effective, they need to contain certain ingredients to achieve the following effects:

  • Improve the skin texture and rebuild the collagen to avoid showing the blood vessels & improve wrinkles.
  • Improve the circulation to remove the deposited pigments & decrease puffiness.
  • Help remove pigments.
  • Improve shadows related to wrinkles.

Ingredients that rebuild the collagen:

Peptides, Vitamin A & Retinol derivatives, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, Co-Q10, date seed extract, apple seed extract

Ingredients that Improve the circulation & remove the deposited pigments and decrease puffiness:

Green tea extract, Caffeine

Ingredients to help remove pigments & lighten the skin under the eyes:

Licorice extract, Vitamin A & Retinol derivatives, and Glycyrrhetinic acid

Ingredients to Improve shadows related to wrinkles:

Peptides, Vitamin A & Retinol derivatives, Hyaluronic acid, Argireline, Glycyrrhetinic acid, Bisabolol

Duo-Selene Eye Contour Cream

Duo-Selene eye contour cream has been designed to include the needed ingredients to help improve & prevent the progression of dark circles under the eyes.  In addition to its effectiveness in treating dark circles, it also includes مضادات التجاعيد ingredients to improve & prevent wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area yielding a more radiant and glamourous look.

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